A Website for Business - Introduce your business through products or services

Recommendations for content:

Front or Homepage: Tell website visitors what your business is doing. What are your strengths or Why to choose you? If you have recommendations from your previous clients you can use them as a quote. Include some relevant images that it is obvious for website visitors what your business is doing.

Team or About page: Introduce yourself as an entrepreneur or your team members. Tell about your strengths and provide images of the team members. You can also add quotes if you want to say something to your audience. Tell about the history of the business of share the story of your business.

Products or Services page: Introduce your products or services. Provide quality images of the products. If you have multiple products maybe tell how to choose between them. Consider showing the pricing.

FAQ page: List some frequently asked questions here to help your client.

Contact page: Your contact information like address, phone number, email or social media accounts, like Linkedin etc. If you have a business location that clients can visit provide the image of the entry or building.

*This is just an example of content pages. You can use your 5 content pages as you wish.

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What Is Done for You in the Website Package:

  • Color customizationWe will install Drupal 8 CMS to server
  • We will upload your content (text and images) to the website
  • We will optimize your images for website use
  • We will upload your logo for the website
  • We will customize the layout colors for the website
  • We will register and buy a domain name for you (1 year)
  • We will provide web hosting for 6 months for your website


Features of the Website:

  • Drupal's default theme; Bartik (look around Web Rhymes Design’s website uses the Bartik theme)
  • Max 5 content pages
  • Responsive layout (makes the website suitable for different screen sizes from mobile to desktop)
  • 2 revisions for possible changes
  • Web hosting for 6 months (limited to max 25Gt disc space and max 250Gt web traffic/month)
  • SSL-certificate (makes your website more secure with https://)
  • The domain name you wished for (normal, available domain name like www.mydomainname.com)


This Website package: $995Responsive

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*Why we use Fiverr? We want to make the website project as risk-free for you as possible. You can buy securely through Fiverr and your money is safe with Fiverr until you have accepted the website.


What Do We Need from You?

What do you want to say to your audience? Please provide us the text content for the website (max 5 content pages) and the images (max 25 images) that are relevant to your website audience. You will also need to think what domain name you wish to have for your website. You can also decide the colors for website layout (header, footer, background, and text). All these information are asked of you after placing your order.