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Most businesses have great products and services however they struggle with selling them online. I help business owners to sell their products and services more efficiently online.
Kati Kärki the author of Facebook Ads Journal

Base your online business solid ground

You need a good plan for helping your customers and reaching them online. Dedicate time for this to build results.

Use simple tech stack to build results

Tech has evolved fast and it has to offer simple and very affordable solutions. All you need to grow your business steadily.

Scale your business with paid advertising

You don't have the time to wait for people to find for your business organically. Paid advertising gives you visibility fast.

When selling online you need to reach your hand virtually to help your customer make the decision to buy. The ways for helping your customers online are relevant content, trust-building communication, and continuous feedback from your audience.

- Kati Kärki -

Helping small business owners thrive online

By helping small business owners with their online presence I have seen how busy they are. That’s why the key to small business success is to have a solid plan to fix the things that make the most results with minimal deeds. It’s all about doing the right things systematically.

focus &
manage time

Pink Super Month Planner

Manage your time and focus on making results

Plan your time and money

Printable Monthly Super Planner is a simple planner for focusing your daily time productively:

  • Yearly planner keeps you on track during the whole year
  • Daily planner has a daily schedule and most important daily trackers
  • All you need to plan your time and money during the month


Facebook Ads journal under the palms
Facebook Ads Journal saves you time
Facebook ads journal at your service

Scale your business with paid advertising

Learn to make profitable Facebook ads that grow your client base far into the future

Facebook Ads Journal is easy to use workbook:

  • Plan profitable ads
  • Target the right audience
  • Write ad copy that is meaningful
  • Use thumb-stopping images
  • Measure and make better