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Stop throwing money away and make a profit by planning better Facebook ads

Facebook Ads Journal

This is not a book that takes your time and nothing happens. This is a practical journal that helps you think systematically when you are working with your Facebook ads. It really helps you to make more successful ads in less time.

Facebook Ads cover and guided notebook interior

Put an end to ineffective ads and start making ads that charm your potential clients. With the help of this guided journal, you are able to plan more effective ads.
Just like this:

Facebook Ads Journal 3 books on a wooden table

Nobody wants to throw money away with Facebook ads

Nobody wants to throw money away with Facebook ads. Facebook has a great ecosystem where your clients are spending their time. Do your business a favor and learn to make profitable Facebook ads that grow your client base far into the future.

Did you know that this doable 1% lift in your ads click-through rate can double your sales?

If your click-through rate (CTR) is 1% and your conversion rate is 1,5% and you are making 2 sales from $100 budget. If you lift your CTR to 2% by making your ads more relevant you make 4 sales from the same budget. 

This practical journal gives you several ideas on how to make your ads more relevant and profitable.

Kati Kärki the author of Facebook Ads Journal

It's been a pain to write a good ad copy on Facebook - not anymore

What to write? Does it work? What I have forgotten?
Hi, my name is Kati. I'm a digital marketer and web designer. Successful Facebook ads come together from simple ingredients through systematic work. I made the Facebook Ads Journal that you could make profitable ads without wasting your time.
This Facebook Ads Journal offers you help with several templates for planning your Facebook ad and making all the important notes.

No more: Complex advertising reports that you don’t understand!

Web Rhymes Design Facebook Ads Journal notebook

There are simple stack of numbers you need to follow to make profitable Facebook ads.

No more:
customer base!

Facebook Ads Journal from inside. There's room for your best marketing ideas

Use Facebook ads to effectively communicate the value your business provides to your clients.

No more:
Money wasted on ineffective ads!

Facebook Ads journal under the palms

Measure what ads and audiences bring profit. Make even better ads with efficient planning.

Helpful guided notebook for business owners, freelancers and all advertisers who want to make profitable Facebook ads

Facebook Ads Journal saves you time

1. Make Facebook ads work for your business

By investing in your marketing know-how you are able to do build your business based on safe client flow. When you have functional messaging and relevant audiences your business can thrive in Facebook.

Facebook ads journal at your service

2. Always at your service - where ever you are doing your ads

Facebook Ads Journal carries your most powerful Facebook ads ideas where ever you go. This guided journal gives you the best ideas to improve your ads.

Save time with Facebook Ads Journal

3. Save time with structured templates

The structured templates and checklists make your ad planning work efficient. You are getting the work done faster and you don’t need to waste your time reading comprehensive books. This practical guide gets you straight to the business with Facebook ads.

The secret ingredient = Using your brain to make it happen!

As a business owner, you know your clients the best. Now is the time to pick your brain and get it all on paper so that you can easily turn your ads profitable.

Made for your success

This journal is priced at $16.99

Just a pen, this journal and little bit time to plan your ad.

Facebook Ads Journal package

Are you ready to make profit by planning better Facebook ads?

Here’s Everything You Get Access to:

+ 20 templates and checklist to help you with better ads

108 pages have room for your best thoughts


Facebook Ads Journal - WebRhymesDesign

Facebook Ads Journal carries your most powerful Facebook ads ideas where ever you go. This guided journal gives you the best ideas to improve your ads.


Author: Kati Kärki

Name: Facebook Ads Journal: Stop Throwing Money Away and Make a Profit by Planning Better Facebook Ads (Guided marketing notebooks for business)


Author: Kati Kärki

ISBN: 9798680900581

Date Published: 2020-08-31